Health Insurance

Liberty Insurance is dedicated to making sure you stay healthy and happy.

A package for protection means you get thorough insurance coverage that keeps you covered no matter what life throws your way. At Liberty Insurance, that is what we are dedicated to providing you with: peace of mind and security in the face of health concerns that you and your family may face throughout life. Whether you need help understanding the stipulations of the Affordable Care Act or you’ve never had a health insurance plan and want to get started, our agents are counselors to you and will advocate for your future every step of the way.

Your health and safety is a priority. We’re here to keep it that way.

A health insurance policy is of the utmost importance to help you manage the health risks you and your family face every day. While many health insurance policies can often cover appointments with your doctor, prescriptions, hospital stays, emergency room visits, surgeries and procedures, and other types of special care, Liberty Insurance is here to cover you above and beyond just general requirements. Some of our coverage types can also include:

  • Insurance plans for dental and vision coverage
  • Medicare supplements (Medigap) to help offset additional health care costs
  • Policies that fall under Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) requirements
  • And more!

If you or your family is not covered, then our agents at Liberty Insurance are here to help you change that. Your health plan should be as high a priority as your everyday health.

Our agents are happy to put your needs above our own.

At Liberty Insurance, we are proud to serve our clients throughout New Jersey and beyond, helping them find an affordable and secure plan for inevitable health expenses that will arise in the future. As dedicated professionals and experts in many fields, we are here to do it all for you, guiding you through the insurance process to find the coverage that meets your goals, needs, and budget. Think you’re ready to partner with our agents and get covered? To work with our health insurance advocates and counselors, give us a call at (732) 792-7000 today!