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At Liberty Insurance, we believe in more than just the product, but also in the process of serving you.

For our clients throughout New Jersey, finding the right insurance coverage for their needs is a process that may seem challenging, be we have partnered with them each and every step of the way. If you feel that buying personal insurance is a challenge as well, then we are here to help. At Liberty Insurance, our agents believe strongly in providing you with high-quality coverage, but that is not all. We also are committed to meeting your insurance needs as your advocates and counselors throughout the entire process, helping you find a package for protection that aligns perfectly with your personal needs and goals.

Policies for your needs. Peace of mind for your life.

Having personal insurance policies to protect yourself and your family is a necessity – but how you arrive at what you truly need is the most important part of the process. That is where Liberty Insurance comes in. As an independent agency dedicated to your needs, we and our team of professionals are here for you. Our agents do it all, whether you need auto insurance coverage for your vehicles, a life insurance plan to protect your family’s future, a homeowner’s policy for your property, or anything in between. We will help keep you protected with the right policies that fit together as a personalized package that is just right for you. Additionally, some of our specialized details that we can help cover include:

  • High net worth clients with significant assets and valuables to protect
  • Umbrella insurance to cover excess liability
  • ID theft coverage
  • Wedding insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • And much more!

With Liberty Insurance, you can rest assured that you’re getting the personal coverage you need at a price you like and with options that appeal to you.

Your protection is essential, and your needs are our business.

Liberty Insurance’s agents are ready and willing to serve you, making sure that your unique insurance needs are met, tailored to your specific circumstances. We will partner with one of our many carriers to help you design a personalized package for protection that is just right for your family’s needs and your personal goals.

Want to get started exploring the various personal insurance solutions we have to offer? Fill out our online quote form, or call our NJ offices today at (732) 792-7000 to speak with one of our professional agents. We are happy to help.