Trucking Insurance

A trucker’s life on the road comes with risk. We are here to provide coverage.

At Liberty Insurance, we realize that the trucking industry is a risky one. The day to day operations of your business come with a high level of liability, not to mention hazards to your employees, vehicles, and commercial property. Isn’t it about time you had the protection you need? That is where we are committed to helping you.

Protecting you on the roads throughout New Jersey and beyond.

Commercial trucking insurance will provide coverage for your various trucks, trailers, and equipment, not to mention safeguard your liability and financial future in the event of an accident. Consider a situation where your expenses skyrocket – do you have a plan for an accident or catastrophe? Imagine a scenario like one of these:

  • An accident results in damage to one of your vehicles
  • You are sued by someone injured in an accident involving commercial property
  • Employees on the job are injured in a dangerous situation
  • Your repair and maintenance costs far exceed the amount of the assets you have
  • Some other situation resulting that exposes your liability

Liberty Insurance offers trucking insurance to help you in the event of one of these types of disasters. Commercial auto insurance and property coverage can minimize your risk, protect the liability you hold, and alleviate much of the financial burden and responsibility you may face in the aftermath of an accident. Your business must take the steps to plan for the future.

Trucking insurance made easy by the professionals at Liberty Insurance.

Our agents are here to guide you along the path to getting the right trucking insurance coverage you need, protecting you, counseling you, and advocating for you. At Liberty Insurance, we have the best interest of your business a heart, and we want the best for you. This means having a plan that covers your trucking business now and much further down the road. To get started finding a plan that fits your needs and budget, call our NJ offices at (732) 792-7000 today.