3 Insurance Scenarios

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A yellow diamond-shaped road sign cautions peopleOwning the right insurance policy is important. But making sure your policy will cover exactly what you think it will cover is even more important. Here are some claim scenarios that may have you questioning which policy would cover the loss.

  1. You have a lovely evening planned for you and your significant other. When you get to the restaurant where you had made reservations, you find their valet service is not available. The only parking spot you find is in a desolate unlit street. You park anyway thinking nothing could go wrong and go have dinner. When you return, you find that your car has been burglarized and a lot of personal items are gone. After calling the police, you wonder about which insurance number to call- your auto insurance or your homeowner’s insurance.

    Auto insurance does not cover loss to personal items left in the vehicle. You would need to contact your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance carrier to file a claim.

  2. When driving a rental car, you are in an accident causing damage to the other person’s vehicle. Which will cover that loss – your auto policy or the rental insurance you purchased?

    As long as you have liability coverage, your auto policy should cover it. However, having purchased the rental insurance is not a bad idea if there is also damage to the rental car. The rental insurance will pay for the damages without a deductible having to be met first.

  3. A storm blows through town very quickly causing a flash flood down the street in front of your house. You do not notice anything in your home until you walk to the basement and see there is an inch of water everywhere. Does your homeowner’s policy cover this?

    Unfortunately, no. You would need to have a flood insurance policy in place to cover the damage from that water seepage. Contact us for a quote on a flood policy today!


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