Back to School Time is Almost Here

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Colored pencils and back to school textWith summer in full swing, it might be difficult to look at the calendar and think about school just yet. But regardless of how much fun we are all having this summer, school is right around the corner. Your kids may not be ready to try on their first day outfits just yet, but now is a great time to start thinking about safety and the new school year.

While you are sitting on the beach soaking in the summer sun rays, use the opportunity to start conversations with your kids about school safety. You do not need to lecture them on the dangers of falling in gym class just yet, but opening the lines of communication now before the hectic school year gets underway can really help keep the conversations going throughout their time in school.

If your kids ride the bus to school, you will want to remind them of the importance of listening to their driver as well as paying attention while boarding and leaving the bus. Let your kids know it is not necessarily them you are concerned with, but more the drivers of other vehicles that may not abide by the rules.

If your kids have electronic devices or smartphones, you probably already discussed internet safety with them. But remember that talking once may not be enough to ingrain internet safety into their minds. You will want to make that a continuous discussion by bringing up the fact that the internet is forever on numerous occasions. There will be times when that fact gets blurred during the school year, so reiterating the rules of the internet on more than one occasion is important.

Sending your kids to school can sometimes feel nerve-racking. But keeping the lines of communication open with them can really help ease the nervousness you may feel about their safety. For more information about school safety, your health insurance carrier can be a wonderful resource. Give us a call with any questions or concerns.

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