Christmas Tree Disposal in NJ

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Christmas tree tied to the roof on a minivanNow that we have all had some time to recuperate from the holiday festivities, you might be looking to pitch your once-beautiful Christmas tree. After all, now that it is completely dried out, it is a major fire hazard. And being that you LOVE your insurance agent so much and don’t want to risk having to file a fire claim against your homeowner’s insurance policy (ahem!), you know it’s in your best interest to find a good home for that old tree. In New Jersey, there are several places that accept old trees and some use them in very interesting and useful ways!

  • Christmas trees can help with soil erosion. In fact, they have been used since Superstorm Sandy to replenish the sand dunes at the Jersey shore.
  • Bird sanctuaries use them as perching spots or feeders for their birds. The natural habitat is great for nesting as well.
  • They can be used in fish ponds as refuge, feeding areas, and nesting areas for fish.
  • Your local recycling center will probably put your tree through a wood chipper to make mulch. If you ask, you may be able to take some of that mulch when spring rolls around for your own garden.
  • They can also be used for pathways in local parks or hiking areas.

Before you dispose of your tree, make sure it is completely clean of tinsel and other decorations that could harm wildlife or the environment. Contact your local recycling center to see what procedure needs to be taken for pick up. Most times, you will be assigned a designated pick-up day when you can just leave your tree on the curb. Don’t be tempted to cut it up and use it as firewood in your fireplace. The creosote can cause chimney fires quite easily. And don’t forget to vacuum up all those needles that fell on the floor!

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