Recent Bear Sightings

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Black bear in the woodsLately there has been a lot of bear activity across New Jersey. There have been several sightings reported in almost every county north of and including Monmouth County. Millstone Township (where our office is located) has experienced a few sightings within the last few weeks which raised concern among residents. Why are the bears coming around?

There are several reasons why wild animals make their way into residential areas. The main reason is demolition of the bears’ habitat. Removing trees and changing the environment in which bears usually live can force them to try and find food and shelter elsewhere. And what could be more appealing and convenient to bears than huge cans filled with food just sitting there on the street? Keep your family safe from bears by remembering a few of the following things:

  • If you spot a bear, the important thing is to remain calm. Bears are wild animals and should never be treated any differently.
  • Do not let the bear become aware of your presence. Stay as far away as you can from the bear- at least 15 feet or more.
  • Survey the area to make sure the bear has a way to get out and then bang pots or make loud sounds to scare it away.
  • Once the bear is gone, get yourself to a safe spot and call the police to let them know of the sighting.

If the bear caused any destruction to your property, your homeowner’s insurance could have you covered. Check your policy to find out what your deductible is for the policy period and then file a claim for the damages. Also, take precautions before the next bear sighting in order to prevent further damage. Make your home less appealing to the large animals. Do not leave garbage outside. Make sure your garbage cans have sealable lids. Stay safe!

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