Special Insurance Coverages for Your Business

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office buildings in the sunThere is always something that sets one business apart from another. Whether it is the way customers are handled, procedures are completed, or simply how everything is stored in the warehouse, each business is its own. If every business were to same, there would be no need for more than one of each type, would there? No matter what type of business you operate, it is unique to you. Your business insurance should be unique as well.

Similar to businesses themselves, there are basic business insurance policies that can serve as the base in constructing the perfect policy to fit your business. When you contact us here at Liberty, we will find the right policy for your specific business needs. Some specialty insurance available:

  • Boiler and Machinery Insurance – For businesses that rely on machinery to get the job done and could suffer financial loss if that machinery were to fail or breakdown.
  • Employee Dishonesty – Unfortunately, claims do come in from unsatisfied customers. You might want to have some coverage in case you need to defend an employee.
  • Flood Insurance – Flood insurance is not typically included in a business policy, but should be added if your business is in a flood-prone area. However, any business can apply for flood coverage regardless of location.

No matter what your business may entail, there is an insurance policy available to cover you. So whether you are in the business of making T-shirts, designing flower arrangements, or delivering pizzas, we will review your business model and find the right coverage to protect you from anything that could go wrong in the course of the day.

Call us for more information on insurance for your business. We can help get you the coverage you need to keep your business flowing as smoothly as possible.

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