Winter Thaw, Spring Rain, and Flood Insurance

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man with umbrella standing in flood watersNow that the weather is starting to warm up and we are starting to see winter coming to an end, you may notice the ground feels a bit more soggy than it has been. With the spring rain and winter thaw happening at the same time, there is a greater chance that the sogginess of the ground could translate into a soggy basement or crawl space as well. Taking precautions to prevent it can help make life a bit easier for everyone involved. Make sure your windows or vents are closed in the basement or crawlspace. Move all your belongings to higher ground if you see water starting to seep in.

Did you know that water that seeps up from the ground into your basement is considered flood water according to your homeowner’s insurance policy? Since the water is considered flood water, your standard homeowner’s insurance will most likely deny any claims made due to damage from that water. You will need to have a flood insurance policy in place in order to have coverage for that type of damage.

You may think that flood insurance is only for people who live in flood zones. The truth is that everyone should consider flood insurance when purchasing homeowner’s coverage. In fact, there are more claims filed for areas that are not considered high risk flood zones than there are for areas that are high risk.

We can give you a quote on a flood policy that will cover your home and its contents if a flood should occur in your area- even if it is just from melted snow or rain water seepage. Your home and belongings are important and should be protected from anything that could go wrong, including damage from flooding. Find out on what flood plain your home is located and see what level of flood insurance coverage you should have for your area.

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