Kenneth J. Mattson Jr.

Kenneth “Kenny” Mattson has been serving the Insurance Industry and Clients since 1977. He’s been with Liberty Insurance Associates since 1984. He is truly one of the original trailblazers of our office, and helped build Liberty’s family into what it is today.

During his long and distinguished career, he’s developed an expertise in applying knowledge of Insurance Service Office (ISO) regulations and little known Workman’s Compensation procedural entitlements to reduce overall premiums for his clients.  Here are several real examples:

  • He recently enforced the Davis Bacon Act found in the New Jersey Rating and Compensation Bureau’s (NJCRIB) rating manual, saving a roofing contractor in Asbury Park $30,000 at audit!
  • In 2008, he helped a client contest a New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) Workman’s Compensation audit citing “employee payroll limitation cap” language in the NY manual, resulting in a return premium of $70,000 for a General Contractor in Belleville, NJ.
  • During several Pre-Audits, he recently helped 2 more General Contractors, one located in Oakhurst, NJ, and another in New Brunswick, as well as a Roofing contractor in Annandale, NJ, identify and correct improper classifications for several employees.  After appealing the classifications to NJCRIB, in ALL instances they agreed, resulting in the Insurance Company being forced to concede, producing $25,000, $40,000, and $30,000 in savings respectively.

An insurance audit is the Holy Grail of the Insurance Industry in my opinion, and without proper preparation prior to an Audit, Contractors in many instances have no alternative but to file Chapter 11, then on to Chapter 7 for personal protection. I saw it happen recently to a Roofing Contractor in Wall Township.  I was called in by another of my clients to help.  Unfortunately, the audits were already in the hands of a Collection Agency.  If I had been the agent earlier, we could have saved the business.

–       Kenny Mattson.


For me, the rewards in life are in giving of my time, knowledge, and experience to help others. This ranges from a single man Trade Contractors to Multi-million dollar Utility Contractors and General Contractors.