Philip Zito, CIC, ARM

Executive Director: Commercial Division

Phillip “Phil” Zito is a 25 year veteran of the business, a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC)*, and Associate in Risk Management (ARM)*.  Phil’s credentials and experience exceed that of the vast majority of agents and brokers.  Phil joined Liberty Insurance Associates in 1988, and has served as Sales Manager, Placement Officer, and Senior Marketing Director.  He’s universally known as the “technical expert” within the office, due to his depth in understanding of policy language.  Phil also maintains an impressive clientele of his own, where his clients reap the benefits of direct access to his knowledge.

Managing risk (the possible causes of damage or loss) is the primary function of a professional agent, and Phil prides himself in doing precisely what is outlined in Liberty’s Mission Statement: “Creating and offering insurance and risk management solutions to meet the needs of our clients.”

One might assume that this level of expertise comes with a hefty price tag, yet the ultimate cost of protection is typically less, precisely because of our expertise.


“Our approach is to meet with the client to identify issues that must be addressed either through the purchase of insurance or other risk transfer mechanisms.  Once the plan is established, we follow through to completion. Insurance specifications are developed for those issues addressed with insurance. The carrier market is approached. Quotations are received and reviewed, and finally our recommendation is presented to the client.

When working with us for the first time, we see it as applying for the job as your agent, not just another recipient of bid specs. We prefer to develop the specs ourselves with your input.

We see ourselves as your insurance department. We expect you’ll rely on us for all related issues.

*CIC:   The formal training required to become a CIC includes 100 classroom hours and the successful completion of five comprehensive exams, with an annual update requirement to ensure that CIC’s maintain their edge as the most capable and current insurance practitioners in the industry.

*ARM: In order to achieve the designation of ARM, an applicant must successfully complete the following three courses, and pass the written examinations at the conclusion of all three:

ARM 54: Risk Assessment:
Increase effectiveness of contributions by acquiring skills needed to develop effective and thorough risk assessments
-Strengthen efficiency in the risk management function through improved communication with operational staff
-Improve forecasting ability through greater understanding of risk quantification and actuarial activity
-Make better financial decisions by learning how to apply cash flow analysis to risk financing planning

ARM 55: Risk Control
-Improve risk control by learning to identify and contain root causes of loss
-Demonstrate effectiveness of risk planning through development of score cards to measure success
-Help prepare the organization to more effectively recover from catastrophe by learning to design and implement disaster recovery plans
-Increase participation in risk control programs through better understanding of staff motivation

ARM 56: Risk Financing
-Help avoid potentially costly coverage gaps by learning to design insurance plans
-Support the organization’s overall financial goals by learning to build and implement a balanced risk financing strategy using retention, transfer, and hybrids
-Enhance the organization’s risk transfer flexibility by learning to establish and manage a captive and alternative risk transfer (ART)